Greene Chiropractic

Greene Chiropractic, est. 1949

Greene Chiropractic serves beautiful Southeastern North Carolina and its mission is to find and remove nerve interference with Gonstead Chiropractic in order to help people express a greater degree of life, human potential, function, and health.

“The principles of the Gonstead Method are the simple principles of Chiropractic put to work; how to understand what causes nerve pressure, how to find it on the patient, how to achieve a corrective setting of the offending vertebra,and how to know when the Chiropractor’s job is done, and nature’s begins.” –C.S. Gonstead


Dr. H.D. Greene
“You just feel better when your bones fit together right.” –Duncan.E. Greene, DC

Greene Chiropractic is a very different kind of Chiropractic clinic. Started in 1949 by my Father Duncan E. Greene, D.C., and now in it’s 68th year of continuous operation here in Red Springs, N.C. I joined him in 1987 after graduating from Life Chiropractic College, and worked side by side with him for 15 years until his retirement in 2003. I have continued the practice and now am in my 30th year of practice. Continue reading “About”

Chiropractic and Health

Dr. H.D. Greene
“With plenty of nerve force, there is life and health; with little nerve force the body is weak and sick, and without it there is no life at all.” -Daniel David Palmer, D.C.

The nervous system (brain, spinal cord, nerves) controls and coordinates all functions of the body. Nerves go to all the organs, glands, muscles, and to every tissue cell of the body and carry human electricity, which is life force, vital energy, health current. Continue reading “Chiropractic and Health”

Greene Chiropractic Difference

Dr. H.D. Greene
The state of health of the spinal column determines, in large part, how you feel on a day to day basis.

I am a second generation Chiropractor

I practice the COMPLETE Gonstead method of Chiropractic

I am an EXPERT Gonstead Chiropractor

I am the ONLY Gonstead practitioner in Southeastern North Carolina

I  DO NOT streamline your visit, expect to be on several different PURELY Chiropractic benches and tables by the time your visit is finished

I schedule people ONLY one visit at a time, hence I devote all the time necessary to precisely find and correct your problem

My pricing is straight forward with no gimmicks

I intend to fix you so that YOU KNOW YOU FEEL BETTER when you walk out of my door than when you walked in

Contact Us

Greene Chiropractic

712 East 4th Avenue
Red Springs, NC 28377
Phone: 910.843.4539

Driving directions:

Fort Bragg – Fayetteville – Hope Mills: Take I-95BUS South, follow signs for US 301/NC-71/Parkton/Red Springs, continue onto US-301 S, turn right onto NC-71 South, turn right onto NC-71 S/David Parnell St, continue to follow NC-71 S, turn left onto North Main St, turn left onto E 4th Ave, Greene Chiropractic is about a half mile on the left

Raeford: Follow NC-211 South for 12 miles and turn left onto E 4th Ave

Lumberton – I-95: At I-95 Exit 20, take NC-211 North for 17 miles and turn right onto E 4th Ave