Dr. H.D. Greene
“You just feel better when your bones fit together right.” –Duncan.E. Greene, DC

Greene Chiropractic is a very different kind of Chiropractic clinic. Started in 1949 by my Father Duncan E. Greene, D.C., and now in it’s 68th year of continuous operation here in Red Springs, N.C. I joined him in 1987 after graduating from Life Chiropractic College, and worked side by side with him for 15 years until his retirement in 2003. I have continued the practice and now am in my 30th year of practice.

I offer analysis and specific Chiropractic adjustments utilizing Gonstead Chiropractic Methodology. Literally growing up with Chiropractic gave me a unique early exposure to this method. I strive to deliver care to people of all ages covering a wide variety of vertebral subluxation and skeletal induced symptoms, and those who may be without symptoms, feel fine, but are interested in total wellness, continued health, and improved performance.

On your first visit you will be advised, in my opinion, on whether or not you can be helped here. If it is felt that Gonstead Chiropractic is not the answer to your health problems a referral to another healthcare provider may be suggested.

If it is felt that Gonstead Chiropractic can help you your care will begin on your first visit. Treatment here is designed and planned to help you recover as FAST as possible and at MINIMUM cost.

Continuing the results oriented practice for which “Dr. Greene’s office” has been known for 68 years throughout this whole region of North Carolina, and providing quality Chiropractic care and excellent service to you, the patient, to promote your health and well being is top priority.

Harry D. Greene, D.C.