Nerve Imbalance

Dr. H. D. Greene
“The vegetative nervous system then, when it’s normal action is disturbed, furnishes one of the chief paths through which symptoms of visceral disease are expressed.” Francis M. Pottenger, M.D.

There are two special nerve systems that supply the organs, glands and tissues of the body. One set increases function and can be roughly compared to a “gas pedal” and the other inhibits function and can be roughly compared to the “brakes”. Ideally the two systems of nerves, the “gas pedal” and the “brakes” should be balanced in strength. A normal amount of vital energy should be delivered through both of these nerve systems equally.  Different health related scenarios can arise when and if these two nerve systems become imbalanced due to Chiropractic problems.

In one scenario, one nerve system can become weaker than the other that has remained at normal strength, thus making it the stronger system by default. Example, If the set of nerves to the heart that slows down the rate and force of the heart is blocked and is now weaker, then the “gas pedal” set of nerves still flowing normally to the heart becomes dominant by default and rate and force of the heart will be increased.

In another scenario one system of these nerves can become stronger than the other system that has remained normal. Example, if the nerve system that controls the normal production and flow of mucous secretion in the mucous membranes of the head are over stimulated thus making this system stronger than the opposing normal system, it could lead to excess mucous production in the sinuses, mucous membranes, and too much sensitivity to particulate matter in the air, sneezing attacks and watering eyes.

In either of these two scenarios, you can see how excess or deficient function, i.e. “too much” or “not enough” functioning  in the body from imbalance in nerve flow can result, and lead to many different types of symptoms commonly experienced.

At Greene Chiropractic, management of your case will take this special circumstance into account at all times, It’s basic to Gonstead Chiropractic Methodology.