Prescision Spinography

Dr. H.D. Greene
In Gonstead Chiropractic line drawn analysis and measurements help us understand the bio-mechanics of your spinal column.

These are the standing, full spine, x-ray films of your pelvis and spinal column including the neck and base of skull that show distortions and compensations caused by misalignments and gravity weight bearing, etc…and with line drawn analysis to define the nature of the Chiropractic subluxations .

Gonstead Chiropractors like to see how something hypothetically “way down low” can influence something “way up top”- an insight lost with small, chopped up, sectional medical x-ray views which are mainly  for detecting the presence or absence of pathologies,  but not also for bio-mechanical analysis.

Gonstead Chiropractors do NOT file your x-rays away never to be seen again after your first visit, but use them as a “road map” or “blue print” of your individual spinal architecture and are present in the room on our view boxes whenever you come in.